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Jack, Mature, Terry XP 2600, STG, Johnboy, fataku, Salvador, emufan, sabrinor, Jimmy_Page and some other peole that I
forgot to mention here… Really thanks a lot!!
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30 / 11 /2010

Hi again people!!!!!!!

It has been a long time since the last release of FB Alpha Plus!... I'm really sorry with the poeple that supported and liked this lil' compilation of mine, but I had some stuff to do with my real life, and that was the reason why I quitted this project. now I will do my final anouncement about this version of the emulator... [U7] was the last build, and it will be... but don't be sad, now Barry Harrys (who is the main head in FB Alpha team), IQ_132, and CaptainCPS-X asked me to work with then in the main FB Alpha build... and I ACCEPTED!!!!! It's a real honour to me to work with this great guys in this project... sometimes I'm low on time, but I'll give my best in this ;)

Now, stay tunned, in http://neosource.1emu.net/forums/ in which you will be able to report bugs, suggestions and staing close to the new anoncements and releases about this wonderful emulator.

Thanks for your support people!!!!!

01 / 06 /2006

Hi there!

As you've notived, FB Alpha Plus! has some delays on this days, unfortunately I have to tell you bad news. (at least for you) The proyect (if it can be called that way) will be suspended, now I got a new work and is a very lucrative one XD, so, as you can notice, I will have less time for this.

Sorry for the inconvenience guys.
24 / 04 /2006
FB Alpha Plus! [U7] v0.2.95.23 Released!!!

See the readme for details.
Made some changes to Neo-Geo src, emulated WatchDog and added some missing CPS-1/Q hacks.
Also in this version is attached a traduction template for FB Alpha Plus!, this one is for spanish, but if you want your own language to be included with FB Alpha Plus! setup you can send to me your template to ferchogt4@hotmail.com

How to make a traduction template:
1.- Export an UI template from .:[Misc]:. menu.
2.- Open it with WordPad, NotePad or your favourite text editor, and add your traduction for that item, for example:
menu    100 {
        //-- ".:[Game]:."
  popup    0 "" { <-- here you add the traduction for this word or sentence in your language
3.- Save changes, and load the template in FB Alpha Plus! via .:[Misc]:. menu.
4.- Enjoy!!! :D

Thanks a lot to IQ_132 for all the help and src improvements he gave me, really thanks!!!
Also thanks to JhonBoy for correct pnyaa C-ROMs data.
09 / 04 /2006
FB Alpha Plus! [U6a] v0.2.95.23 Released!!!

See the readme for details.
Some src and stuff is reordered and emulated the protection used in kf2k3pcb and kof2003 P3 ROM.
12 / 03 /2006

First of all, I´m pleased to congratulate 1emulation, because day by day is becoming the biggest emulation web-newsletter and resource site. you can see of what I'm talking about here.
Congratulations GameCop!!! :D

Now the release!!! XD
FB Alpha Plus! [U6] v0.2.95.23 Released!!!

Finally, new version is out, lot's of new stuff added including better code for ROM saving, improvement of decryption functions, added new infos and redumps... phew!!! see the readme for details.
Also this time i released FULL source, this means that you don't need to uncompress FB Alpha Plus! source over FB Alpha one, all is included, this on the downloads section.
Complete MinGW compile enviorment for FB Alpha Plus! can be downloaded also, just go to the Utilities section
09 / 03 /2006

Well... the release of FB Alpha Plus [U6] had an unespected delay... but don't worry, I'm working to improve this emulators and give more performance, accurate and correct emulation.
By now I have news that will probably make you jump of happyness XD:

- First of all, all locked games (Neo-Geo) are unlocked now, so you can now play them without problem and of course some ROMs are updated to match (in some ways) the latest MAME.

- Some z80 ROMs were changed since last release, bootlegs are affected too, in the readme I will specify which ROMs have changed, anyway in original games case (non bootlegs) the z80 ROMs are using match the JhonBoy's last ClrMAMEPro dat, because these are the most accurate (in decrypted ROMs case) and the real dumps that the emulator should use, some games (like mslug5) are wrong in MAME, so be carefull, as I said before, this is not NeoRAGEx with another name, this emulator will keep the best data for all the ROMs that the MVS system handled.

- I reordered the source code, just like MAME did, but don't worry, all the games are working as they did before, and also I will release full source + mingw dir to compile, so, no more compiling problems. (thanks to IQ_132)

- The new PCB games are supported fully now, this means, the bankswitch, PVC chip protection, BIOS encryption (kf2k3pcb case), BIOS region jumpers (svcpcb), extra encryptions for sprite data or text data... phew!!! a lot isn't? Some stuff was already supported, but now seems to be complete.

- I changed almost all drivers for neogeo matching IQ_132 inits and functions, they are the most accurate and less RAM-waste functions you can see ever, trust me.

- Some other stuff I changed that i forgot to mention right now XD

- And the last but not least... suppoted Haze's new Korean versions of aof3k, rbff2k and so on... here 2 pics of the emulator running aof3k:
                                               Character Select Screen                     In Game Pic

Please be patient, FB Alpha Plus! will be released soon ;)
If you want to add my banner on your site contact me!!! I'll be very glad to see it there :)
Welcome to the FB Alpha Plus! Official site, here you’ll find this modification of FB Alpha and its utilities.
FB Alpha Plus! Is an emulator that has some extra features such as:
- Video Recording in AVI Format
- Extra input macros
- Hability for saving decrypted ROMs (Neo-Geo only)
- Direct Preview saving
- Some other features.
Take your time to read the disclaimer and then download FB Alpha Plus!
Have fun!!!
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